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Greenoak Construction are a highly experienced insulation company that can provide various insulation services to suit your needs. If you are looking for a company to insulate your home choose Greenoak Construction.

Attic Insulation

Greenoak Construction can provide attic insulation for your home, helping you reduce energy bills and maximise home comfort. Our insulation is designed to be easy to install and can be used on new and existing properties. We use premium materials to ensure maximum and long-lasting insulation.

External Wall Insulation

Our external wall insulation can help reduce heat loss from your home, improve soundproofing, and protect against dampness. It is designed to be easy to install and is highly effective at reducing energy bills. We use high-quality materials designed to last, maximising efficiency and comfort.

Floor Insulation

We also provide floor insulation designed to reduce heat loss through the ground and reduce noise. It is easy to install and can be used on newly built and existing properties. We use premium, durable materials, providing long-lasting insulation that can result in lower energy bills.


Attic Insulation

We provide quality insulation that minimises energy loss through the roof, improving energy efficiency and reducing energy bills.

External Wall Insulation

Our insulating materials protect your home against dampness, help in soundproofing, and reduce heat loss through the walls.

Floor Insulation

Our floor insulation prevents heat loss through the ground and reduces noise for a more comfortable home environment.


Save Money

Our insulation solutions can help lower your energy bills, meaning you can save money on heating costs in the long run.

Improve Comfort

Our insulation materials can make your home more comfortable, keeping the temperature regulated and reducing noise levels from outside sources such as traffic or neighbours.

Increase Durability

With our insulation solutions, you can prolong the life of your home structure by protecting it from dampness and other weather damages that could occur over time.

Our ExpertiseHow OurInsulation Solutions Work

Greenoak Construction offers a wide range of insulation services that can improve your home’s energy efficiency and make it more comfortable to live in.

Attic insulation, external wall insulation, floor insulation, roof insulation and retrofit insulation are all different types of home insulation.


  •  Attic insulation involves adding insulating material to the floor or walls of an attic. This can prevent heat loss through the roof and significantly reduce energy bills.
  • External wall insulation includes adding a layer of insulating material to the exterior walls of a building. This can reduce heat loss through the walls, as well as improve soundproofing and protect against dampness.
  • Floor insulation involves adding insulating materials beneath the floorboards or concrete slab of a building. This can minimise heat loss through the ground and can also reduce noise.


“Insulate your home and save – Join the energy efficiency revolution today!”

Transform your home and add value today! Choose Greenoak Construction for your house extension in Dublin!

TestimonialsFrom Our SatisfiedClients

Alex LombardiAlex Lombardi
19:50 16 Oct 23
We recently had our home refurbished by Greenoak construction, and the work they did is beyond anything we could have imagined. Pat and Louise’s experience and input was invaluable, taking our original ideas about the reno and expanding upon them so that we’re now in a house we’re thrilled to be living in. I can’t recommend them highly enough! (And on top of that, they stayed on schedule!!)
Ann WalshAnn Walsh
21:59 25 Sep 23
Pat and his team are professional and personable.They provided us with a very high quality renovation, precisely suiting our needs.I have no hesitation recommending Greenoak Construction.
Brian FoxBrian Fox
21:29 25 Sep 23
Greenock resigned and renovated our front steps completely. We are very pleased with the outcome
John KirwanJohn Kirwan
20:00 25 Sep 23
Top class builders. Completed three projects for me and I highly recommend them.
Padraig O DonoghuePadraig O Donoghue
15:00 25 Sep 23
With Greenoak Construction, we got both a builder and a house designer. Pat and his team transformed a fire damaged house to a repaired and renovated house. The outcome is an upgraded house with an applied practical design, quality build and an energy-efficient house. They delivered an excellent and comprehensive project. After living in the house for 6 months we are delighted with our home.What evident during the project included:• Safety was always a priority and prominent.• Pat’s availability and communication throughout the project was second to none. He researched good solutions and was proactive in advising of alternatives and being inclusive of our demands and wishes.• Doing the job right and have pride in job well done are important to us and Greenoak Construction.
Sandra VinhSandra Vinh
12:22 19 May 23
Greenoak is renovating our kitchen, bathroom and converting our shed to an office. We are very happy so far with the work they are doing, ahead of schedule already! Pat and Louise are very kind and professional to work with. We already see the work in progress is looking grand so can’t wait to see the final product and for us to finally move into our dream home!
Lisa LennonLisa Lennon
10:16 12 Apr 23
Excellent work carried out by Greenoak Construction. Pat was brilliant with ideas and advice, all the lads who worked on our house were fantastic. All our neighbours commented on how clean and considerate they were. Would highly recommend. We’re delighted with our extension.
Liam LenehanLiam Lenehan
21:57 22 Feb 23
Pat McCabe and his team at Greenoak are 100% reliable and trustworthy when it comes to devising and delivering construction solutions. We used the firm for a major renovation of a commercial building and subsequent repair and maintenance work. We are happy to recommend the firm.